Standard Film Permit Application

Standard Film Permit

Please review application instructions below on how to submit a Standard Film Permit application.
All documents MUST be submitted in PDF format.

This is the most common type of permit for film, television, and commercial productions. Productions may list specific State-administered locations at which they intend to film along with proposed dates and times. Most permit applications should be submitted at least *seven (7) business days prior to the first date of usage (prep/shooting).Incomplete applications are NOT accounted for in this timeframe.

For your convenience, the Standard Film Permit Application may be downloaded as a fillable PDF or fillable Word from the links provided in the information boxes below. We suggest that you save these forms to your computer, fill them out on your computer, save or print as a (flattened) PDF, and email them to us for processing.

For more information about permit & location fees please view the ” Locations Fees” drop down below or visit our State Locations & Jurisdictions page here.

Important Notes (PLEASE READ):

  • Keep in mind that your application is transferred to various State agencies for approval. If your application is not legible, or incomplete, you will be asked to resubmit it.
  • For water filming please indicate the area to be used as: “Waters off of (location).” A certified water safety professional must be hired when there is water activity. See Water Activity requirements here.
  • We can only process Film Permit Applications that list specific locations (other than DLNR Open/Accessible Sites). Locations listed as “TBD” cannot be processed.
  • On the Specific Information Sheet(s), list only the activities related to that specific location.
  • Location Scouts with groups larger than 10+ crew or special requests of any kind will require a Scouting Permit. You may submit your scouting request using our Standard Film Permit Application EXCEPTION:  Scouting of any size on DLNR State Parks jurisdiction requires a scout permit.  DLNR State Park fees will be included in the scout permit

Some locations take longer to process, see below:

  • Maunakea on Hawaii Island requires 15-30 business days for processing. Approved filming is subject to stringent conditions and a property representative may be required to escort you. Prior to submitting your Standard State Film Permit Application, please contact the Center for Mauna Kea Stewardship. Contact them HERE.
  • DOFAW – Forestry on Kauai requires 14 business days for processing.
  • DOT-Airports on Oahu requires 14 business days for processing.
  • DOT-Harbors on Oahu requires 14 business days for processing.

Application Instructions & Forms~APPLY HERE!


** Read the below points to prevent delays:

  • Send COMPLETE APPLICATIONS to [email protected]
  • A COMPLETE APPLICATION consists of the below documents (1-5), combined into a SINGLE PDF, in the following order (1-5), for EACH location separately:
  1. General Page,(remember this acts as your cover page for your project)
  2. Specifics Page ( for each location listed on the General Page)
  3. Detailed Map ( corresponding to each Specifics page, and inserted immediately after)
  4. All other supporting documents ( if applicable ie. Drone+ Water Activity documents)
  5. A Certificate of Insurance ( Always insert LAST. Must meet requirements listed here).
  • You must print your General and Specifics Pages to a PDF so that it is “flattened” PRIOR to combining them to avoid any formatting errors.
  • Be sure to visit our Locations Page and review the instructions below entirely prior to submitting your application.
  • A complete list of PDF +MS Word download’s and examples are also included in a separate information box below
  • You can reference an EXAMPLE here as well as the notes provided below :
  • All documents MUST be submitted in PDF format.
  • To ensure you have all required documents and avoid delays, we recommend that you utilize the STANDARD FILM PERMIT APPLICATION CHECK LIST
  • If your production involves any DRONE or WATER ACTIVITY, you must submit additional documents along with your film permit application (must combine into one document). Please review pages or click on the links to view additional requirements.


Step 1:Click on the “General Page” button to download and fill out the GENERAL INFORMATION SECTION form of our Film Permit Application( you can reference the example here). Be sure to provide all statistical information requested. Use the second page of the General Information section for additional locations that do not fit on the first page. NOTE: this acts as a cover page or a running list of locations for your project. Each time you add a new location, update the General page and send along with the rest of your documents.

Step 2:Click on the “Specifics Page” button to download and fill out the “SPECIFIC INFORMATION SECTION” form for EACH location requested ( you can reference the example here). You must sign each “Specific Information” sheet you submit. The activity described in Section 8 on your Specific Information sheet refers to how your production will interact and occupy the requested location /space.

A generic description of your photoshoot concept is NOT acceptable.

Example: I will take photos of the couple at sunset – this is too vague.

The more detail the better so the agencies will understand what and how the photoshoot/filming will take place.

Example: My crew (4) and couple (2) will park in the public parking stalls and walk down to the shore line and take photos in the area indicated on the map only. We will not ( or will) be getting in the water).

Step 3:Fore each location, please provide clear detailed map(s) to expedite the approval process. Maps MUST be inserted into your combined application after each respective specifics page and submitted in a PDF format only( no jpg, png etc.) A satellite image or aerial view map (i.e. a screen shot from TMK Finder or Google Satellite) is preferred. Once you have your screenshot, you will need to annotate, circle and mark the areas of intended filming and include descriptions + annotations.

The map acts as a visual to support all of the described activity in Section 8 on your Specific Information sheet.

Click on the “Detailed Map” button to view an example.

Step 4:Attach a Certificate of Insurance at the end of your film permit application. Prior to submittal, you must read our insurance requirements here & review the example COI here. You may also view required Auto Liability fulfillment options here.

** If you do not meet our requirements your application will be on hold and considered incomplete until this is received .

  1. General Liability ($1 million per occurrence, $2 million aggregate)
  2. Automobile Liability: *preferred ($1 million bodily injury per person, $1 million bodily injury per accident and $1 million property damage per accident)

Resource: Insurance Brokers

Step 5:Once you have filled out and combined all required documents, you may send your completed application(s) for EACH location separately to the State of Hawaii Film Office via e-mail at: [email protected]

All documents MUST be submitted in PDF format .

To submit your application, combine all of your files into a single PDF in the following order for EACH location listed on the General Page : 1.General Page,2. Specifics Page, 3. Corresponding Map, 4. COI

**If your project includes DRONE or WATER ACTIVITY you will need to submit additional documents with your application.

Note: prior to combining, all files must be printed to a PDF so that they are NO LONGER in ” fillable” format to avoid formatting errors.

Once approved by the proper state agencies, your film permit will be emailed to the contact e-mail address listed on your “General Information Section” form.   A copy of the permit should be with the production at all times while filming on the approved location.  Although hard copies are preferred, digital copies on a phone or tablet are accepted. The contact person listed on the application will be responsible for ensuring that the production abides by the conditions of the permit.

Use the “ADDENDUM” form only if you need to make changes to an already approved location on your film permit application. Be sure to include your FIPAC#+ letter ( FIPAC#22-123a) and always submit along with your existing approved permit for reference. If you want to simply add a new location to your existing project, please list it under #7 on your “General Information Section” form and resend it together with a new “Specific Information Section” form with corresponding map for that new location. Again, be sure to include your existing project FIPAC#+letter.

Water Activities

Water Activities require that you submit a complete Standard Permit Application along with the following:

  1. Water safety letter
  2. Water safety person credentials
  3. Vessel registration
  4. Captains’ credentials for any motorized vessel.


  • Water Safety point person and motorized vessel operator CANNOT be the same person.
  • Locations involving water activity must include abbreviation WO for “Waters off of (location)” EX. WO Waikiki lets us know that you are applying for water activity in Waters off of Waikiki Beach.
  • Vessel name and HA numbers or US Coast Guard Registration number MUST be listed on both the Specifics Page of your application as well as on your Water Safety letter.

Visit Water Activities page here.


Drones are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and require a minimum 14 business day turn around on submitted applications . Please see following link for airspace classification.

When applying for the use of drones, a complete Standard Permit Application must be submitted along with the following:

  1. UAS Application
  2. Drone Flight Plan Map
  3. Drone Operators License
  4. Drone Registration
  5. Drone COI

FAA Visualize it website

Visit Drone Activity page here

Application and Sample Documents

General Page + Specific Page EXAMPLE (PNG Format)

General Filming Information (General Page): Fillable PDF Format,

Specific Filming Information (Specific Page): Fillable PDF Format

Detailed Map – EXAMPLE (PNG Format)

Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI) Information (PDF Format)

Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI) EXAMPLE (PNG Format)

Drones: Request to us Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Filming over State Proerty (PDF Format)

Drone Flight Plan EXAMPLE (PDF Format)

Merchant Mariner Credentials EXAMPLE (PDF Format)

Water Safety Letter EXAMPLE (PDF Format)

Addendum (for changes to permits already approved): Fillable PDF Format

Location Fees

  • Most State-administered locations are free to use for filming, but there are several exceptions: airports, harbors, and highways under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation are $100/day
  • Small boat harbors, launch ramps, and beaches under the Department of Land and Natural Resources / Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation are $100/day
  • Parks and beaches under the Department of Land and Natural Resources / Division of State Parks have a $100/day+$25/car per day nonrefundable fee; & $.25 /sf for any reserved areas.
  • Locations that fall under the Dept. of Hawaiian Home Lands are $1,000/day.

Depending on the complexity or sensitivity of the shoot, productions may also be required to have supervisory state personnel present on location during a shoot at $60 per hour (with a 4-hour minimum per day). Use of DLNR’s waterborne vessels for monitoring purposes will be charged a $50 per hour fee (with a 4-hour minimum per day).


Productions must have required insurance in place prior to applying. Depending on the complexity or sensitivity of the shoot, productions may also be required to have supervisory state personnel present on location during a shoot

Auto Liability

Liability Insurance

Insurance Brokers


Please contact us at (808) 586-2570 or [email protected] if you have any questions.