State Film Permits

State Film Permit Basics

Determining your permits needs will depend on what location(s) you are planning on filming. Our office permits for State lands and we have TWO TYPES of permits: 1) Open & Accessible ePermit and 2 Standard Film Permit

The Open& Accessible is a permit that can be obtained online. This permit covers a specific list of locations for a two-week period under a specific set of qualifications.

To view these qualifications and list of pre approved locations click on the button to the left.

View the list of O/A sites →

If you are filming on State lands, and you do NOT qualify and /or the location does NOT fall under the O/A ePermit list, then it will require a Standard Film Permit.

This permit requires comprehensive insurance and a more detailed application process through the Hawaii Film Office and/or various other state agencies:

The fee for these permits can vary ($100+/-). View more on fees here.

A completed application must be submitted no later than 7 working business days PRIOR to the first shoot date.

PLEASE NOTE – Location Scouts with groups larger than 10+ crew or special requests of any kind will require a Scouting Permit. You may submit your scouting request using our Standard Film Permit Application. **EXCEPTION:  Scouting of any size on DLNR State Parks jurisdiction requires a scout permit.  DLNR State Park fees will be included in the scout permit)

State Jurisdictions

For more about location jurisdictions and fees please visit our Locations page here.


  • Airports (DOTA)
  • Highways (HIDOT)
  • Harbors (DOTH)


  • Division of State Parks (SP)
  • Division of Land Management (LD)
  • Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation (DOBOR)
  • Division of Forestry and Wildlife ( DOFAW)

State Buildings & Facilities

Hawaii Film Studio


Drones are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and require a minimum 14 business day turn around on submitted applications (UAS Application attached). Please see following link for airspace classification.

FAA Visualize it website

Visit Drone Activity page here

Water Activities

Water Activities require a water safety letter, water safety person credentials, vessel registration and captains’ credentials for any motorized vessel.

Visit Water Activities page here.


It is required that every production have a Certificate of Insurance (COI). The Standard Film Permit and the O&A ePermit have different requirements. Be sure you obtain the correct COI for the type of permit application you are applying for.

View COI state requirements here

City and County Land / Jurisdiction

We do not permit for City and County locations, please reach out to the appropriate county office directly.


See the Hawaii island City & County Film Office for more information.

Contact: 808-961-8366, [email protected]


See the Maui City & County Film Office for more information.

Contact: (808)270-7710, [email protected]


See the Honolulu City & County Film Office for more information.

Contact: (808) 768-6108, [email protected]


See the Kauai City & County Film Office for more information.

Contact: (808) 241-4953, [email protected]

Federal Lands or Other Agencies

We do not permit for these locations:

National Parks:

Private Property

You need to obtain permission and work with the property owners, those fees are determined at the owner’s discretion.

To help you determine jurisdiction, please look at the links below.