Crew & Talent

Hawaii is home to three generations of crews, seasoned through decades of non-stop Hollywood studio, major network, and international production.

Add to that a cadre of experienced talent that reflects the extraordinary ethnic and age diversity of the state. Beyond Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders, Hawaii has large populations of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese, Thai, Cambodian, and Caucasian people. There are also lifelong residents whose ancestors came from Portugal, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. Hawaii’s population is amazingly diverse, and many people speak the languages of their ancestors.

The State of Hawaii Film Office is committed to developing Hawaii’s film industry, which provides desirable jobs for our residents, as well as opportunities to build the creative and technical skills set of our local workforce. We have developed a Workforce Development Program in conjunction with our 22-27% refundable production tax credit program that brings productions together with Hawaii’s schools and labor organizations.

Hawaii has several local chapters of the major film labor unions, as well as an association of local production coordinators that specializes in assisting foreign productions:

Screen Actors Guild (SAG)
Represents more than 700 local actors.
Contact: Mericia Palma Elmore, (808) 596-0388, [email protected]

The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE)
Hawaii’s Local 665 is a mixed local chapter with approximately 560+ members representing a wide variety of stage and film-related crafts.
Contact: (808) 596-0227, [email protected]

Hawaii Teamsters and Allied Workers
Hawaii’s Local 996 represents Hawaii’s movie and television industry drivers.
Contact: Wayne Tokunaga, (808) 847-6633, [email protected]

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)
Hawaii’s Local 1260 represents various production crew members.
Contact: Randall A.C. Young, (808) 941-9445, [email protected]

Musicians Association of Hawaii
Local 677 is Hawaii’s branch of the American Federation of Musicians.
Contact: James Moffitt and Robert Shinoda, (808) 596-2121,

Hawaii International Film Association (HIFA)
HIFA represents local production coordinators experienced in working with foreign productions. Association members specialize in Japanese language services, film permitting, and visa and immigration processing.
Contact: (808) 589-1991, [email protected]

Follow link below for important HIFA Visa Notice: 

IMPORTANT NOTICE from Hawaii International Film Association (HIFA) regarding suspension of HIFA’s Visa Waiver Pilot Program for Foreign Film Crew