DLNR – Department of Land and Natural Resources

NOTE: All state film permit applications and inquiries must be submitted directly to the film office. Please DO NOT reach out to our state agencies for questions regarding film permits.

State Parks (DSP)

  • Fees include $100/site+$25/car per day
  • All State Park locations will NOT be permitted on weekends or holidays 
  • State Parks reviews applications on Tuesdays through Thursdays only
  • Once the permit is approved, the permittee will be billed directly. No refunds once the permit has been approved. However, if you need to change your dates due to weather or schedule changes, you are entitled to submit an addendum
  • For more information on State Park locations you may reference their website here
  • Drone use approved on a case by case basis

Land Division (LD)

  • Typically, no fees would apply for areas under LD jurisdiction
  • LD administers all lands from the waters edge to the high water mark
  • If state land above the high water mark is encumbered (for example leased) then you would need permission for that Lessee  
  • Drone use NOT permitted

Division of Forestry & Wildlife (DOFAW)

  • Fees include $110 for each permit 
  • Division of Wildlife & Forestry will NOT permit on weekends or holidays 
  • Na Ala Hele Website is a great resource to find details on trails + locations under Division of Forestry 
  • Sea Bird Fall Out Season Info 
  • Additional Conditions- Rapid Ohia Death (ROD)
  • Drone use approved on a case by case basis

Division of Boating & Recreation (DOBOR)

  • $100/day for filming within the small boat harbors +$.25/sf for any reserved areas
  • Any permits involving “ Water Activity” + filming on the water must include “WO” for “ Waters Off” in the location name on your application . Ex. WO Waikiki 
  • DOBOR will NOT permit for any filming within the harbor during weekends or holidays
  • Reserved parking notices to the public must be in place 72hrs in advance for public parking and 120hrs in advance for paid/permitted parking stalls
  • Note: Parking for Ala Wai Harbor must also coordinate with Secure Parking Hawaii
  • Drone use approved on a case by case basis 

Division of Aquatic Resources (DAR)

  • DAR GENERAL CONDITIONS Please have the film crew review the additional DAR GENERAL CONDITIONS for regulations on select species, gear and areas, and protections for rays, sharks, turtles, monk seals, cetaceans, sharks and rays.  
  • ArcGIS Online map of DAR Marine Managed Areas Here is the link to the dynamic ArcGIS Online map of DAR Marine Managed Areas if the film crew wants to reference it to see if they are filming in a regulated area or not.  You need to zoom in (at least 5 or 6 clicks of the zoom-in button) to the polygons for each area and right click on the polygons for the specific rules for each area.

DOCARE – Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement (DOCARE)

  • Depending on the complexity or sensitivity of the shoot, productions may also be required to have supervisory state personnel present on location during a shoot at $60 per hour (with a 4-hour minimum per day). Use of DLNR’s waterborne vessels for monitoring purposes will be charged a $50 per hour fee (with a 4-hour minimum per day 
  • DOCARE will be required if the request is to film out side of the park hours of operation, someone must be present to open gates & monitor production. 
  •  Fees for DOCARE may also include overtime charges are needed for caretakers to stay on site longer than normally scheduled hours.
  • More at the DOCARE Web Site