Film Offices of The Hawaiian Islands (FOHI)

In addition to the State of Hawaiʻi Film Office, which serves the entire state, each county of Hawaiʻi has its own film office and commissioner. Our county film commissioners know their islands intimately and have close working relationships with their islands’ production professionals. Together, the state and county film offices comprise the Film Offices of the Hawaiian Islands.

The State of Hawaiʻi, Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism, Creative Industries Division (DBEDT/CID) is the State’s lead agency focused on strengthening, advocating, and accelerating the growth of Hawaiʻi’s creative clusters and is the business advocate for Hawaiʻi’s creative, media, arts and entertainment industries; 

This collaborative relationship with all county and state offices focuses on economic development in the creative sectors, including but not limited to, economic development in the film, media, entertainment and the arts, to align with and build upon the statewide Community Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) and develop and execute plans to support the University of Hawai’i (UH), Good Jobs Hawaiʻi and related state and county workforce initiatives.

Feel free to contact any of the county film commissioners directly or contact the State of Hawaiʻi Film Office for further assistance. And be sure to visit the county film office sites to browse their large collections of location photos.


Established in 1978, the State of Hawaiʻi Film Office is the one-stop central coordinator for film and photographic use of state-administered parks, beaches, highways, and facilities. The office works closely with state agencies to assist filmmakers with acquiring film permits, and if necessary, directs them to the appropriate county and federal agencies.

The State of Hawaiʻi Film Office also provides location, tax incentive, and production resource information to filmmakers; manages the Hawaiʻi Film Studio at Diamond Head; promotes Hawaiʻi as a filming destination; and develops the local film, television and digital media industries in the islands.

The film office staff will work hard to ensure your Hawaiʻi production runs as smoothly as possible.

Call or email us –we’re here to help you!

State of Hawaiʻi Film Office

Donne Dawson

State Film Commissioner

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 2359
Honolulu, Hawaii 96804

Shipping address:
250 South Hotel Street, Suite 510-A
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

Tel: (808) 586-2570
Email: [email protected]

Hours: Mon-Fri, 7:45am to 4:30pm HST; Closed on weekends and state holidays.


The Honolulu Film Office is the official City and County of Honolulu agency dedicated to assisting filmmakers with their projects on the island of Oahu.  The islands mix of verdant mountains, accessible jungles, sandy beaches, epic surf and modern and historic architecture has been showcased creatively since 1913 when Universal Pictures filmed “The Shark God.”  

Recent credits include:  Chief of War (Apple), Monarch (Legendary Pictures), Jamoyaya (Justin Chon, Indi producer/director), NCIS: Hawai’i (CBS Studios), Vacation Friends 2 (20th Century Studios), Doogie Kamealoha (Disney +), Aloha Heart (Hallmark)

Please reach out to us for assistance.  We love to help filmmakers bring their projects to life!

Honolulu Film Office ( Island of Oahu)

Walea Constantinau

City and County of Honolulu Film Commissioner

Sanoe Damon

City and County of Honolulu Deputy Film Commissioner

Darrin Kaneshiro

City and County of Honolulu Film Industry Development Specialist


The Kauai Film Office is your one-stop resource for film, TV, and commercial production in the County of Kauai. We are ready to assist in making your next project a success!

From mountain ridges and valleys, tropical jungles, 143 miles of magnificent coastline, year-round streams and waterfalls, and arid dunes and canyons, Kauai is incomparable. The island’s feature film credits date back to 1933, when director Lois Weber brought a film crew to shoot White Heat.

Kauai has everything on Hollywood’s location checklist: white sand beaches, lush rainforests, magnificent coastlines, stunning waterfalls, breathtaking vistas, clear blue skies, tranquil rivers and beautiful year-round climate.  For more information please contact the Kauai Film Commission at [email protected].

KAUAI Film Commission

Sandy Kaauwai

Kauai County Film Commissioner

Mailing address:

4444 Rice Street, Suite 200
Lihue, HI 96766

Tel: (808) 241-4953
Fax: (808) 241-6399
E-mail[email protected]


Hawaiʻi Island, also known as the Big Island, offers a diverse range of stunning natural landscapes, from lush rainforest to barren lava fields, making it a versatile backdrop for various film genres.  It’s unique geological features, such as active volcanoes, black, white, and green sand beaches, add a unparalleled visual appeal to productions.  Hawaiʻi’s rich cultural heritage and welcoming local communities provide filmmakers with a vibrant and authentic backdrop for storytelling. 

Recent credits include: Chief of War (Apple TV), Temptation Island (Peacock), National Geographic (Discovery).

Hawaiʻi Island Film Office

Aulani Freitas

Hawaiʻi County Film Office

Mailing address:

65-1279 Kawaihae Road Suite 109
Waimea, HI 96743

Tel:  808-936-9426
Email: [email protected]


Maui County consists of four islands….Molokai, Lanai, Maui island, and the uninhabited Kaho’olawe.  Each of our islands offers something different, as most Hawaiian islands do, from jungles to waterfalls, white, red and black sand beaches to beautiful lava fields.  Maui County has doubled in the past for Argentina, Vietnam, Fiji, Mars, Cuba and your simple non-descript tropical island.  On Maui island proper, locations are no more than an hour away in any direction from all the major resorts, as well as the nearby airport hotels.  With a vast crew base, equipment warehouses/providers, and production office space, Maui offers a variety of backdrops for storytelling and Hawaii’s rich culture and traditions make for an epic experience like nowhere in the world.

Recent credits:  PARADISE CITY (Amazon), TEMPTATION ISLAND (USA Network) Seasons 1-4, MANEATER (Amazon), DEADLY YOGA RETREAT (Lifetime), Guy Fieri’s DINERS, DIVE’S & DRIVE-IN’S on Food Network and GUY:HAWAIIAN STYLE (Discovery +), and season 1 of the 10-Emmy-winning critically acclaimed HBO series THE WHITE LOTUS.

Mailing address:

Office of Economic Development

County of Maui

2200 Main Street, Suite 305

Wailuku, HI 96793

Tel: (808)270-7710
E-mail: [email protected]