Note: If a location you would like to shoot at is not on this list, please contact the Honolulu Film Office or Hawaii (State) Film Office. Some locations are open and accessible but also have special conditions/restrictions, e.g. Waikiki Beach.

*Also requires County(HONOLULU) permit or approval from owner(s); state jurisdiction up to high-water mark/vegetation line


Alii (County) Beach Park*
Aukai (County) Beach Park*
Banzai Beach (part of Sunset Beach Park; shoreline between Ke Waena and Ke Nui Roads)*
(Beach fronting) Banzai Pipeline (AKA The Pipeline)
Barbers Point (AKA Kalaeloa) Beaches
Chun’s Reef (Beach)
Cromwell Beach (at end of Kulamanu Pl. which is at Black Point)
Diamond Head (County) Beach Park*
Duke Kahanamoku Beach
Ehukai (County) Beach Park*
Fort DeRussy Beach
(Beach at) Gas Chambers Surf Spot
Haleiwa (County) Beach Park*
Hauula (County) Beach Park*
Hawaii Loa (County)Beach Park(AKA Kawaikai)*
Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach
Hokulea (County) Beach Park (AKA Kualoa)*
Kaaawa (County) Beach Park*
Kahala Hilton (Beach)
Kahaluu (County) Beach Park*
Kahe Point (County) Beach Park*
Kaiaka (County) Beach Park*
Kaiona (County) Beach Park*
Kakela (Beach)
Kalaeloa (AKA Barbers Point) Beaches
Kalaeoio (County) Beach Park*
Kaneohe (County) Beach Park*
Kaunala Beach (fronting Velzyland Surf Spot)
Kawela Bay (Beach)
Kawaikai (County)Beach Park (AKA Hawaii Loa)*
Keaau (County) Beach Park*

Kualoa (County) Beach Park (AKA Hokulea)*
Kuilima Hotel Beaches (AKA Turtle Bay Hilton)*
Kuliouou (County) Beach Park*
Laenani (County) Beach Park*
Laie Beach
Laniakea Surf (Beach)

Lanikai Beach
Leftovers Surf (Beach)
Lualualei (County) Beach Park*
Maili (County) Beach Park*
Makaha (County) Beach Park*

Mauna Lahilahi (County) Beach Park*
Maunalua (County) Beach Park*
Mokuleia (County) Beach Park*Nanakuli (County) Beach Park*
Paumalu Beach
(Beach fronting) The Pipeline (AKA Banzai Pipeline)
Pokai (County) Beach Park*
Police Beach (Also requires permission from Kamehameha Schools; AKA Puaena Pt Old Landing Strip)*
(Beaches fronting) Portlock Road
Pounders (County) Beach Park*
Puaena Pt Old Landing Strip (Also requires permission from Kamehameha Schools; AKA Police Beach)
Punaluu (County) Beach Park*
Pupukea (County) Beach Park (Sharks Cove)*
Rainbow Bay
(Beach fronting) Rocky Point Surf Spot

Sandy (County) Beach Park*

Sunset (County) Beach Park*
Swanzy (County) Beach Park*
Turtle Bay Hilton Beach (AKA Kuilima Hotel)*
Ulehawa (County) Beach Park*

Waimea Bay (County) Beach Park*
Waiahole (County) Beach Park*
Waialae (County) Beach Park*
Waikiki Beach (ONLY from beach fronting “Hilton helipad”through Duke Kahanamoku Beach to Hilton Pier) ***
Wailupe (County) Beach Park*
Waimano Gulch

*Also requires County(HONOLULU) permit or approval from owner(s); state jurisdiction up to high-water mark/vegetation line.
**Note: The Hawaii Nature Center (HNC) holds classes at Puu Ualakaa State Wayside from Aug 1 – June 1 on M/T/Th. from 9am-1pm. Schedule is subject to change, so please check with HNC, 808-955-0100.

***Waikiki Beach, Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation (DOBOR) has jurisdiction from the Diamond Head side of Hilton Hawaiian Village Pier to below the Waikiki Police Station.  (Standard Film Permit)