General Conditions


  1. The permit is valid only for State agency-administered areas. For County and Federal areas, a permit from the appropriate government agency is required. Private areas require permission from the land owner or his/her agent.
  2. The applicant shall indemnify and hold harmless the State, its officers and employees and agents from claims, costs and liabilities for injury to or death of any person or for damage to any property arising out of, or in any way connected with the use of State areas by the applicant, his/its agents and/or employees.
  3. The permit shall be valid only for the locations, dates, and times indicated thereon. Any changes or extensions to the location, dates and times must have prior approval from the Hawaii Film Office of the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism and/or the State agency which administers the area.
  4. The applicant shall, at all times, while filming activities are taking place, have a contact person on site available to State personnel to ensure compliance with all conditions of this permit.
  5. Access to the area will be provided over any adjacent/abutting private property for State personnel before, during and after filming.
    Public passage over those public areas being used by the applicant shall be allowed at all times.
  6. The applicant, its Hawaii representative or agent shall be jointly and severally liable for any damages, penalties, or fines incurred from the production. The applicant, its Hawaii representative or agent shall also be responsible for clean-up and restoration of areas used.
  7. The applicant shall comply with all applicable statutes, ordinances, rules and regulations of the Federal, State and County governments, including but not limited to those relating to noise, air and water pollution, and public health safety.
  8. The applicant, while on location, shall adhere to County traffic and parking regulations in order to minimize inconveniencing the surrounding community and the public-at-large.
  9. The applicant shall be responsible for all appropriate security measures for both the public and the filming company and cast while on location.
  10. Weekend and holiday filming which impacts the general public (particularly at popular sites) is highly discouraged.