Explosives & Firearms

If you plan to use explosives or firearms while filming in Hawaii, you must follow the procedures below.

For an explosives permit, contact the State of Hawaii Department of Labor & Industrial Relations, Occupational Safety & Health Division (DOSH) Soon Hye Edgerton, Branch Manager, (808) 586-9116. Requires pyrotechnics license, i.e. “Certificate of Fitness” be issued to anyone handling explosive charges. Hawaii requires up to two medical and first aid personnel to be on site during use of explosives. The local fire department, police department and civil defense must also be notified.

Firearms can be brought in by a licensed propmaster and must be registered within 48 hours after arrival of the propmaster or the firearm, whichever arrives later. State regulations require the propmaster to contact the police department of the county (island) where the firearms will be used for appropriate forms and complete information.

Contact numbers for the police departments are:

Oahu: (808) 529-3371
Hawaii: (808) 961-2239
Kauai: (808) 241-1663
Maui: (808) 244-6355